Not so uniform

So I started my first year of high school last week, and though I love my school, I have been not so thrilled at having to wear uniforms… But, I have discovered that there are ways to express my style while still being appropriate.  

Accessories are key! Headbands, bows, bracelets, necklaces, socks, tights, and shoes can change your look from head to toe. I also find that a makeup routine helps you to establish your look and to make preparation simple. Mine is a black gel liner cat eye, mascara, and a light red lip. Hair is also an accessory! Up down in out, whatever you feel like that day. Braids are very fun to play with, also top knots and ponies to get it out of your face. 

Here are some of my go to looks for each day of the week! 

Day 1: classic prep
From the knee socks and oxford shoes to the blazer and button up, I love this look. It takes preppy chic to a new level! I feel like I'm studying at an away school in England. Always have at least one fashion magazine handy for those lunch breaks! 

Day 2: A slight edge
If you want to go a little edgier, high boots are the way to go! Accent with a similarly colored headband and jewel or stone necklace. My go to backpack: leather shoulder satchel (though it can get a bit heavy for those textbooks!)

Day 3: Cool girl
I cannot wait for the impending chilly fall days! A cozy and cute outfit for colder weather. Converse give it an easy laid back touch.

Day 4: Flower child
Go with the prints! I love themes with outfits, as you can see. Here I have a grey trend, with pops of color and flowers! Daisy shoes and headband. The purple in my necklace corresponds with the headband and the turquoise in the necklace with the stone bracelet. I love our school cardigan too.

Day 5: The artist
This is probably my favorite look as it is very me. Bows are great because it adds a girly flair to anything. I had a pearl trend going here with the bracelets and necklace. My shoes are new from Anthropology (love) and are just adorable with everything! I save this for the days with French and Art classes.

So if your brooding over uniforms, never fear! This may be the perfect chance for you to be even more creative with your style and fashion skills! Hope everyone's having a great start of school!