Back to School Blues

August seems to be the least appreciated of months. Anyone heard a song about August? I haven't (but of course my music feed is rather limited according to my picky style) which is probably because not many people particularly like August. It's not summer, not fall, just kind of a rude awakening to your endless beach days and throwing us all into the monotony of the year. 

But why should we let August be so terrible? I propose that we each try our best to make this a wonderful month for ourselves! Instead of brooding over the start of school and classes and homework, embrace it as a chance to grow and learn everyday. Meeting new people, engaging in activities, there are many things that makes school something to look forward to rather than despise.

If you're starting a new school this year (as am I) then do not worry. The worst thing you can do is freak out about it. Just relax, remember to breathe, and fill yourself with confidence and belief you have about your beautiful, strong, wonderful selves! When you carry yourself with confidence, no one can touch you. And if you're worried about mean girls/boys, then just know that they are there. But nothing anyone says is going to matter in your life. It can't affect you unless you let it. You could even take their negative comment, and turn it into a positive outcome for yourself. Maybe what they're saying can help you become stronger and even improve on something you wouldn't have noticed before. But you must know that you are absolutely brilliant. You are the only you, so OWN IT! Go in there ready to make a bang. 

Listening to my most pumping jams on my playlist always gets me into the right mindset to take on the wild world of high school. Pick out an outfit that will make you feel like a super star the night before, as well as make your super healthy and yummy snack/lunch, so you're not rushed. And be sure to check your assignments twice! 
Just be sure to not worry about anything but you and your studies. Stay focused and stay happy! Happy goes lucky :) and positivity will only bring more positive things to you. 
I wish everyone a wonderful start to their school year!