Well first I'd just like to say, please don't be mad at me for posting this!
You see, my amazing, wonderful, talented, and beautiful friend, Olivia, is about to go away for a month! I will miss her terribly, but I thought I should leave this note asa  parting gift. (:

My Dearest Lovey,

You are a simply splendid person and I have so much fun spending time with you! I know you will become an amazing british film star, author, dancer, boutique owner, artist, etc… Just set your heart to something and you'll reach it! You are going to have an AMAZING time in New York my dear. I will miss you loads but I'm excited for you all the same. Im so fortunate to be blessed with an amazing friend like you. (and tanner on a good day (; ) Well I hope you have a simply lovely time.
I want lots of calls, texts, and pictures! And don't to Skype!
You are simply purfiction! <3

Love you loads,
Love Kaia :) <3

Lovey Fleming