Vegan delight burger!

For those of you animal lovers out there who have cut out your meat, many people would think that you were going crazy over how much you miss the weekly trip to In and Out or your local burger joint for a thick juicy artery clogging snack… But for the most part, this is not true. Once you get rid of something in your diet, cravings and even just the appeal of it disappears as well. But if any of you are feeling a little low for longing of the famed American hamburger, I think I've found just the thing!

Boca Burgers! Introduced to me by a vegan friend, with an eye for non GMO and organic food. These little patties taste just like regular burgers-- especially when topped with your favorite non dairy cheese and organic ketchup between two pieces of GF bread! Udi's hamburger buns are scrumptious with it too!

They are very easy to make, and just take a quick cooking in some coconut oil on the stove. Be sure to cook both sides, but not for too long-- 5 mins each side should do the trick! Or until it gets brown.
Then, just toast your bread or bun, slather on some condiments, cheeses, lettuce, and tomato, and you're all set!

Say goodbye to barbecue blues! And though I am not vegan or vegetarian, I find that meat free burgers leave you feeling healthier, and fuller than real ones!
Hope you enjoy your Meatless Monday! 

Lovey FlemingFoodies!