Sad Beautiful Tragic

 I love great big dramatic trees, and this one was absolutely perfect for the heartbreak hill feel of the wide open scenery around my house. I love old things especially from past generations, and this army jacket was my beloved grandfather's when he served in the military. It somehow got into my hands when we were going through old family things, and I just fell in love with the shape, detail, and presence of this gorgeous coat! I scarcely wear it anywhere, and take great pride in just gazing at it hanging in my closet. I have been dying to show it on the blog, and could not have hoped for a better background.

My dress is a high necked, low backed, navy dress from Forever 21. My shoes-- my favs!-- are from Nordstrom and are brown classic oxfords. 
This is a really great party look, that I think is very handy in the hot evenings and cold nights of summer. But I will definitely have more use of these colors when fall comes!

Yes, my title is the name of a Taylor Swift song, but I just couldn't resist, as it captured the moment flawlessly. I personally love Taylor, and she inspires me so much in my own musical passion. It is wonderful when we can find that source of something that just makes us want to do more and reach our goals. Have a wonderful Friday everyone! Stay motivated! <3