NYC day 4

Today started with a quick subway ride to the Museum of Natural History, where we met some friends we used to know when we lived in Florida. We spent half the time wandering around for the Sacagawea exhibit, which we then found out they didn't have... But it was very interesting with great length of knowlege on the animals of earth. 
We then went to Central Park and ate lunch-- organic turkey and goat cheese sandwhich on gf bread, coconut water, and a larabar!-- and walked around for hours round and round all those many paths. We stopped to take pictures at a few spots too. It's so great to have that oasis there amidst all that big city. 

We then visited the Metropolitan Opera, and Lincoln Center. The New York City Ballet is right there, where a lot of my friends from ballet are at for the summer for their summer intensive. So fun to see all the little ballerinas running around! 

We then took a subway all the way out to the Staton Island ferry. It was marvelous to be on a boat again! The Statue of Liberty was a great sight to see as well. It is amazing that so many people use the ferry as day to day transportation.

Phew my feet are sooo dead, but I am very happy to be getting into such good shape from all this walking! Thanks so much for following me on my trip this first week! Once my program begins on Monday I will not be able to post again, but as soon as it's over I'll have a big post on my whole experience! 
Have a brilliant rest of your summer! xoxoxo
Lovey :-*