Nyc day 2

Wow today was quite the adventure! My mom and I met a friend and fellow actress on Broadway, to see The Fantastics! (an off broadway production of the musical). We then walked to a marvelous organic, gluten free, and vegan place with amazing smoothies and glorious wraps and baked goods. Mmmmmmm! By the name of Green Symphony. I then went to a jazz class at the Broadway Dance Center. Oh it was sooo good to be dancing and sweating again! Great teachers and classes, I believe I will be going back there again.

Then my friend took me to see Times Square. And boy are there a lot of crazy lights and screen builboards. I was shocked at the wasted electricity and energy, but it sure is magnificent! Except for the giant Mcdonalds... 
I was not a big fan of the people in costumes (never have been) but it was all very exciting. We even stopped to do a photoshoot! And there was a proffesional model shoot going on right next to us! 

We then walked to Rockefeller Center, where the flags and the giant statue was.
And did I mention that I had my first subway trip? It really is not as bad as I was expecting! You just get on, watch for your stop (and your belongings-- bag always infront of you!) and get off! I am even learning the streets and avenues and how to go uptown or downtown. Thankfully, I have had amazing friends to guide me, but soon I will be on my own! 

I hope you are all enjoying your summer, and are being relaxed and happy! More posts to come xoxo. Thanks for following me on my trip!