NYC day 1

After two days of struggle (we flew to Nashville, dropped my grandma off there, then raced to our connecting flight to NY. Just minutes before it was supposed to take off, we leared that the airport olwe would be flying to wasbshut down due to an accident there. So we then had to get a shuttle to take us to a hotel near the airport in Nashville. On only a few quick hours of sleep, we were off again and took a morning flight to NY. Thankfully there were no further complications.) Needless to say, we are exhausted. But I was thrilled with my first day in the city! I surprisingly like it much more than LA and luckily am not too daunted by the size and craziness of it all.

We met a dear friend of my moms and went to a fantastic organic burger restaurant that I just had to feature on here. Called the Bare Burger, everything was 100% organic, with amazing glutenfree options and vegan as well. Their sweet potato fries with their organic curry ketchup makes a seriously decadent side. I had not had any real food in two days, and the pure, powerful taste of their burgers was exactly what I needed. They even had a whole menue explaining why eating orgainic food is so good for you!-- which I really appreciated. For any New Yorkers, I highly recommend stopping by and giving them a visit! 

Now I am just very tired and enjoying relaxing after such an ordeal. I am very excited to share more adventures with you tomorrow :D 
Hope you all have a wonderful night wherever  you may be! xoxo