Nothing Days

Summer is truly a time of rest and recovery for those of us who cannot find any time for a break during the year. A time for truly doing nothing. Letting your brain have a chance to catch up with the hectic, demanding days we live each month.

 I must admit that I had this whole glamorous plan of becoming an overnight sensation this summer-- rather impractical I agree, but the thought never wavered!-- but, I am indeed glad to have a break. Opposed to more pressures and deadlines that I have to endure the rest of the time. Though I feel lazy, or sluggish, the reality is that we all need a breath. Some time for us and no one else. But we can of course still strive to be productive during these times, but on our own terms. Remember that you have to heal before you can race. And I think that the less stress we put on ourselves, the better. 

Things take time, and if you have this idea in your head that it will all happen in a matter of weeks, you can create more unnecessary weight on our already tired shoulders. Be kind to yourself, and don't be afraid of down time. 

I hope everyone is having a spectacularly lazy Saturday, and keep in mind that we do not control our destinies, but are only meant to go along with our eyes, and our hearts wide open for all to see.

Photo spam of all the lovely little things all around us! xoxo