Livi in the City

My first real photo shoot in NY! I am so honored to be here amoung all my favorite fellow style bloggers. There is so much inspiration and things happening every second, how can you resist capturing it in one way or another? I am amazed by this big city, and hope that I am really changed for the better when I return.
Here, I am wearing a new dress I got at a second hand store in my town back home in CA. I love when you can get marvelous pieces for next to nothing! My shoes are from Nordstrom, but I strongly reccomend NOT walking all of NY in them... Blisters... 
This bag has proved very useful this trip. A great carry-on, and perfect for fitting a snack, small purse, wallet, waterbottle, and even a change of clothes for a day out on the city! 
Though I feel rather out of place on the subway, this girly, pretty in pink look makes you feel very bright and summery when strutting down the street! <3