Got your goat?

Being dairy free, lots of people are confused when I say that I can have goat products. Isn't goat milk dairy? Technically, I suppose it is, but it is much MUCH different than cow. I have had trouble putting this explanation into words, but since talking to a lovely girl from Chivas Goat Milk Soap and Skin Care in Fillmore Ca, who gave me an excellent analogy! (They make amazing goat products for beauty and skin too. Check them out here)

Cow milk is first and foremost meant to nurse baby cows. The average calf is about 70-100 pounds, or 40-50 pounds (depending on breed) at birth. Huge right? And the momma cow has to get the baby to its full size in 3 or 4 years, and their growth rate is rapid. The cow's milk has to have a great quantity of hormones and proteins to boost this rate. 

The size of a baby goat when born is about 3-6 pounds. This is ridiculously closer to a human baby. And though they don't grow very much, the momma's milk is much gentler yet very full of vitamins and protein and all that good stuff babies need. 

So, when we are constantly filling ourself with cow milk, made for a species about 4 times our size, it is apparent that this isn't the best thing for our systems. Goat milk is very easily digested and processed by us humans, and is in my opinion, the tastier option too! 

So next time you look for some dairy substitutes (Unless your vegan of course!), try a few goat products. You might be surprised!

Lovey FlemingHealth