I love all flowers, but I just think that there is nothing sweeter than a darling daisy. This dress is so dreamy and elegant that I feel very Jane Austin, and was thrilled at how these photos reflected that time. I did a light makeup for this shoot, using brown shimmery eyeshadow and an orange lip. Accessorizing can be so wonderful when you have something pretty in your hair. I love adding little bows and flowers to my buns and braids, and even grabbed an old fan for a few shots. 

Such a pretty dress covered in a daisy boddice. I think this look is perfect for a summer wedding-- though you might just upstage the bride! So maybe not, but defiantly an evening black tie event.

I was inspired by a trip to the Getty museum in LA that I went on today with some friends. Such beautiful art and grounds! But I especially was attracted to a painting by an american artist of a beautiful young lady in a long white dress. She looked straight out of a book! I have been trying to find the name-- always keep a notepad handy at museums!-- but to no avail… But I am in love with how similar we look! 

The rose has but a summer reign; the daisy never dies. -- James Montgomery (The Daisy--On Finding One in Bloom on Christmas Day)

There is a flower, a little flower With silver crest and golden eye, That welcomes every changing hour, And weathers every sky-- James Montgomery, A Field Flower

You may wear your virtues as a crown, As you walk through life serenely, And grace your simple rustic gown With a beauty more than queenly. Though only one for you shall care, One only speak your praises; And you never wear in your shining hair, A richer flower than daisies.-- Phoebe Carry, The Fortune in the Daisy