Why Organic?

Eating organic is super important for health and beauty. The chemicals and pesticides from modern produce and the hormones in meat are extremely damaging, and affect the purity of your body. Organic fruits and vegetables also taste way better than regular, which is way cool. I know it is expensive and it's hard to buy it sometimes, especially eating out. But trust me, the extra dollar or two you spend on Organic produce is nothing compared to thousands of dollars you might spend at the doctor's from not buying it..... So as they say, "pick your poison..." 
So, if you still need more persuasion, here it is...
10 reasons why you must eat Organic:

1. Organic farming builds and maintains healthy 
soil through methods of crop rotation, planting cover crops, releasing 
beneficial insects, and composting.

2. Un-organic food is absolutely full of 
pesticides and chemicals that you do NOT want to be eating. 

3. Organic food has more nutrients and vitamins 
than non-organic produce. 

The more Organic food you buy and look for, the more Organic food will be 
made available—that is the law of supply and demand in action—and then the earth 
will become whole again—which could just about save the 

 5. Since You ARE what You EAT----you have to ask 
yourself---what are you made of?  
And what do you want YOUR children to be made of---you will resist 
disease and raise healthy children!

6. And don’t even get me started on meat…. 

7. antibiotics have been fed to animals for 
decades, since farmers discovered that small doses of antibiotics administered 
daily would make them gain weight, making them able to produce more meat faster. 
It also helps them be less susceptible to disease in the unsanitary, crowded 
ways they are raised. Sounds good right? WRONG. When we then eat the meat, we 
are overdosing on antibiotics that might protect the cow, but will make us 
immune to some helpful antibiotic treatments.

8. They also load livestock with steroid hormones 
to make them grow more rapidly. Estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, zeranol, 
trenbolone acetate, and melengestrol acetate, are the types of steroid hormones 
used in the US, 
approved by the FDA.

 9. McDonald’s cattle are treated with hormone 
pellets that are implanted under the ear skin, a process repeated at mid-point 
of their 100-day pre-slaughter fattening period. The hormone dose results in an 
increase of weight, adding about $80 per 

10. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a 
bunch of hormones and steroids going into my body. They’re the whole reason I 
got acne anyway. Many think that hormones in food have resulted in early 
puberties in girls. I started puberty at age 9 or 10 because of an overdose of 
antibiotics and steroids because I got sick so much. Also, that it increases 
risk of breast cancer and other cancers. No matter what, hormones and
  antibiotics in livestock are just plain bad for 
Hope you will continue to eat organic!!! Xoxo 
Lovey FlemingHealth