There is just something about the feeling of new shoes that is irresistible! 
I got this lovely pair at my favorite boutique in Summerland Ca, Bonita. They have absolutely the best boho and darling items that are absolutely perfect for any style loving girl! Check them out at and on Facebook. My absolute go to for wonderful beachy shoes! 

I am absolutely addicted to tea, and when it comes to darling cafes, I am there! Cafe Luna also in Summerland, is just the cutest little place ever with a wide variety of coffees and teas. I wish I could say their goods were gluten free and vegan but alas, no. But for those without dietary restrictions, a great hot spot for delicious scones and muffins! <3

Then of course, what else is there to do than hit the beach! And of course I brought my diary/song book for meditating and writing by the water. Just stunning surf this summer!
Hope you had a great day as well, and be sure to look for the beauty around you wherever you may be! xoxo