The Ultimate Guide to Salad Making

Salads are... amazing. Really...
And they are so easy, and fun, and really the only meal that you can have complete freedom with! You can put literally almost anything in them, and it will be delicious! Hot dogs in salad? Sooo good! See? So here is my favorite rendition-- but feel free to play around with it, and add your own favorite ingredients!
In my salads, I always start with an organic mix of spring greens and spinach leaves. Its important to be sure that all your ingredients are organic (or at least as many as possible) since it is mostly raw produce. 
Then comes the fun part! (I generally put the same basic ingredients in all my salads, but do add a few others at times!)
(*= organic)
Peeled carrots*
Kalamata olives*
Red apple-- chopped*
Red bell peppers*
Sunflower seeds*/almonds*/walnuts*
Red tomato*
Goat cheese
Olive oil*
Pink Hymalayan sea salt
Also, to add protien, throw some chopped chicken (no hormone/ antibiotic free/ organic of course) or turkey breast (you know the drill) or even chopped, all natural hot dog! (also hormone, antibiotic free) Also, boiled egg is a picnic classic in salads. I even love to put a tad of quinoa on my salads! It really adds a savory element to all the vegetables, and soaks up the excess olive oil you may accidentally splash on there.
Again, these are just guidelines... I have even put roasted sea weed in salads before! Just try to stay away from iceberg lettuce (nutritional value of cardboard) and also ranch dressing (are you eating a salad, or drowning leaves in dairy and fat...) and limit the amounts of cheese. Classic salad mistake... It totally defeats the point of a salad, and you might as well be having curly fries and pizza! 
The main thing is to keep organic, and you really can't go wrong! Except with mandarin oranges and vinegar-- sorry guys, but thats just terrible... Haha, anyway have fun, and bon appetit!