The Great Pantry Raid

How to Purify Your Life

 Today I’m going to teach you how to have spectacular health by changing your diet. Did you know that certain foods can really harm your health, and others can make you super strong, smart, and beautiful? And it’s not really about just eating “healthy” it’s about being specific in what food choices you make every day. For instance, dairy, gluten, soy, and sugar, are major contributors to illnesses and are just plain bad for you. And all food must be organic and non GMO, of course. It seems like a hassle, but really, its easy and sooo much better, for you, and the world.

So let’s take a trip to everyone’s favorite place, the kitchen! For this project, you will need a kitchen, refrigerator, pantry, and food…

 First, get rid of all dairy products. All cow milk, cheese, yogurt, ice-cream, and any other dairy products neeeed to go. Dairy creates mucus which contributes to many health and skin problems.
Then, all gluten and wheat items are out, out, out! No bread, no flour, no pasta, no waffles, no wheat cereal, no cookies, no nothing, no buts. Trust me, gluten and wheat is bbaadddd. There are so many chemicals and preservatives they put into breads and wheat; and gluten is absolutely horrible for you.

Next, get rid of everything with soy. Soy is the most 
genetically modified plant on the market, and many countries are now in turmoil and disease because of eating so much soy. SOY=NO. (so when looking for dairy free substitutes be sure there isn’t soy)

 Lastly, throw away all sugar. THIS IS CRUCIAL

 NO brown, white, pink, or blue sugars

 NO maple syrup

 NO Splenda!!!! (its just chemicals)

NO SWEET N’ LOW (a heart attack in a 

 I’m serious. The only reason we have diabetes, cancers, acne, wrinkles, or any other illness is because of sugar. It might be the single worst thing you can put into your body.

 A strongly serious list of NNNOOOOSSS:
 No  soda, no peanuts, no peanut butter, no butter, no table salt, no corn, nopotatoes, &no candy of any kind
 Sorry. I know this seems like the worst diet in the world, but just hang in there; I’m not quite done yet!


Replace cow dairy items with goat products-- if you are simply unable to have cow products(like me). Goat yogurt, goat cheese, goat butter (best thing on earth), goat milk—but I prefer coconut milk, its heavenly.

 Replace gluten and wheat with rice. Brownrice. Rice bread, rice flour, rice pasta, rice cereal, rice chips… ect…anything with a gluten free label is great too, just stay away  from corn flour and potato starch, as they use that a lot in GF recipes.

 For sugars, I have concluded that only stevia, agave, and honey are ok. 

All vegetables are great (except corn and potatoes) and be sure they are 

 Almond butter or sunflower butter instead of peanut butter, sea salt, olive oil instead of other dressings, and tea! Green and white 
teas are amazing for skin and health!
 Don’t worry you aren’t completely without goodies! There 
are amazing GF, organic, dairy free, sugarless treats out there! Like Earth 
Café’s natural, vegan cheese cakes! Amazing flavors and really healthy. Just look around your local health store, you’ll be surprised what you will find!
Well now you know how to eat like a pro! And in no time you will be healthy, strong, and BEAUTIFUL!!!!Style in SpadesMy BlogMy blog
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