The Farmer's Daughter

Howdy! Lately I have been experimenting with different styles, and decided to do my own spin on a classic Western! Grab some boots, cut off shorts, and an old cowboy hat, and hit the stables! What I am wearing: leather brown boots, destroyed Forever21 shorts & leather belt, Rubbish brown sweater over a classic Tommy Hilfiger Oxford shirt, jean jacket, and a vintage cowboy hat. I love this look, and makes me feel very outdoorsy and like I'm about to go milk the cows and go running through the fields! I have even found myself rocking out to Riders of the Sky! A true farmer's daughter!
Listening to the crickets and frogs sing by the fire, sweet harmonies of banjos in the air... Them city folk don't know what they're missing! Have a yippie kay yay day! And run wild with the wind <3