Salut! I am very happy to announce that I have finished school for the year!-- yay!-- and will now be blogging and doing photo shoots more often than ever! I know you are all so thrilled ;)
This look is one of my favorites so far, and was just a sort of on a whim as I was picking out what I wanted to wear this warm Tuesday. I love layering this Forever 21 button up collar tank under T-shirts, and decided to pull out my red tiger face shirt I bought at Nordstroms last year. With a Forever 21 navy polkadot skirt, and my favorite kitty shoes from Chickwish, I was tickled with the result! For those of you still with finals coming up--yuck!-- my look is inspired by going to a park or library to study. I hope you all finish the school year with a bang, and lots of shining A+s! <3