In the Setting Sun

This gorgeous shoot-- photography courtesy my wonderfully artistic mother-- was down a darling country road in our town that we drive by and always say we want to take pictures by, but never have. I think that this is a great example of just every day, taking action in your life, and even with small things like the dishes that were in the sink for the past week, or a project you have been dying to start but can't find the time. Make the effort every day to not just say you will do something, but really doing it.

I am wearing a Nordstrom floral sun dress (from two years ago-- yay!) and a pale blue cashmere sweater in my new favorite trend of the vintage off the shoulder look. You instantly feel and appear like a 1930s movie star! So delicate, darling, and glamorous. Vintage necklace, my favorite Oxford shoes, and light brown sunglasses to top it all off.

Happiest Monday everyone, and I hope your week is bright, lovely, and beautiful!