Grandma's Spagetti and Meat Sauce

One of my absolute favorite things about going to my grandmother's house when I was young was her famous spaghetti and meat sauce. Family and friends would come from near and far to get a taste of her outrageous cooking, and still do! She is such an amazing cook that I have so much to learn from, and has inspired me to be creative and healthy in my recipes. A beautiful Irish woman, I am still baffled at how great she is at classic Italian dishes that she would make for her Italian husband. We were always begging her to start a catering company, but she just liked cooking for us. So here is my tribute to her, with my own gluten and wheat free spaghetti and homemade meat sauce! I hope you like it, Grandma! <3

  • 1 package gluten wheat free brown rice pasta
  • 4 organic ripe tomatoes
  • 1 cup organic grass fed beef
  • organic extra virgin olive oil
  • pink Himalayan sea salt
  • goat cheese
First, start on the sauce. 
Wash, dry, and cut the tomatoes into small pieces. Put them in a small saucepan and heat over medium on the stove. Add about an inch of olive oil. (As I made this, I realized that this was the first sauce I have ever made in the saucepan! Hah!) Turn to low and cover and cook till the tomatoes have disappeared and turned into a creamy sauce! 

Oil a large to medium skillet and set on medium heat. You can either chop up your meat into fine pieces, or you can sort of rip it apart before you cook it or after. Cook meat until brown, and put it in with the sauce in grounded or small pieces form. Now you have your meat sauce, set this aside for later.

For the spaghetti:
Fill a large pot with 4-6 cups of water and bring to a boil. Add your pasta, and cook for 7-10 minutes or till andante, stirring occasionally. Add a few sprinkles of sea salt for more flavor. 

Drain the water from the spaghetti, and dish out into bowls or one large bowl. Add the meat sauce on top. Then, sprinkle with sea salt, a touch of olive oil, and top with goat cheese

So there you go! A beautiful Italian dinner for any night of the week! I hope to one day be a great cook like my magnificent grandma D'urso! Have a beautiful night everyone! Buonanotte! 
Lovey FlemingFoodies!