Fairy Tea Party

Possibly my favorite thing in the entire world are tea parties. Always have been. My mother used to put on these extravagant parties and gatherings with little petit fours and tea and games and guests and always a theme. Just on a whim, my lovely friend Kaia and I decided to put one of our own on! We got up and baked fresh raspberry sunflower seed scones, and brewed a big pot, and got all dressed up in darling dresses and set the table in the garden! And tea parties are also wonderful because they require absolutely no planning. Just boil some water, put out some plates, and go!
Our party was absolutely a fairy tea party, promoting our wonderfully childish belief in the existence of fairy beings! We had green tea, scones, read books and recited poems, and made fairy wreaths for our heads. And of course, lots of pictures. I hope you enjoy them, and that they make you feel like you were here with us as well!

I pulled out a Disney fairy book I have had since forever, and we had just a blast looking through it at the world of Pixie Hollow. We even found the fairies that were most like ourselves! Kaia was Beck, an animal fairy-- who looks ridiculously like her and has all of the same likes/dislikes and hobbies. I was a fairy called Bess, who is a painter, looks just like me as well, and loves blueberry pie and sharing her work! 

Then of course, what is a tea party without Alice in Wonderland? As my  favorite story of all time, and pretty much life model, I adore every word in this genius book. We read all of the poems to each other, and even got the pronunciation of the Jabberwocky correct! 

Then we just couldn't resist doing a whimsical fairy photo shoot! With our homemade flower crowns, and gorgeous garden setting, how can you not?

 We even made one for the statue!

We got grandma her very own crown too! Such fun and love, what a perfect way to spend an afternoon!