I’m a city girl, and just a little bit country


When did you decided to pursue music as a career?

I have been a musician for years, having my first lessons at the age of 4 and never stopping since, playing drums, violin, cello, guitar, and piano. But I first knew I could really do this at age 15, last year, when I told my parents that I was going to become a serious artist. I’ve never been afraid of failing, and I think that is what drives me in all my creative passages; the courage to fly.



As you can imagine, this is a very powerful moment in time for me both energetically, and physically, and songs of suffering and pain I was going through just started flowing through me. But my sole purpose in life is—in everything I do—to be the light for others who have none, and all my songs, no matter how dark, have an uplifting, hopeful message encoded in them. Art, after all, is not only about beauty of the human expression, but about impacting others and contributing a positive message to the world around us. As an artist, this will always be my first and foremost mission.

Who influences you as an artist?

            My mother and grandma are some of my biggest influences in all my passions as well as my music. But as far as my song-writing goes, I often have a spiritual experience of meditation when I am writing, as if the words are coming through me instead of from me, and I seldom ever know what a song is truly about until I discover it a few months or even years later. It is an incredible self exploration as well as artistic expression.

How old were you when you started singing?

My mom is a professional singer and vocal coach with the voice of an angel, and she was recording in studios all throughout her pregnancy with me. I feel as if I was being fed her musical ability and experiences from even before my birth, and my musical journey started very early. I started writing at age 13 and had recorded my first original song later released on iTunes under the name “Lovey” at 14.



How long have you been writing music?

About 4 years.

What inspires you to write?

My songs are mainly spurred by a strongly emotional event that I have no choice but to let out musically. A lot of my lyrics are the deepest musings of my heart on a subconscious level, but my themes are always what has happened to me or is happening to me now. My current album is greatlyinfluenced by a life-altering event I experienced last year. I sustained a traumatic brain injury from a concussion that I received during a dance performance, and have been recovering for a year now, in extreme pain, anxiety, and many other neurological problems I am still sorting through and living with every day.